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What is the Process for Obtaining a Thai Work Permit?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Thai Work Permit process and I get questions relatively frequently like, “How does it work?” and “What happens during a Work Permit process?”

I was down at the Thai Labour Department here recently. We were assisting some clients of the firm that needed assistance in getting a Work Permits canceled etc.  and I noticed a lot of postings were throughout the Labor Department office and I had some time to spare waiting in line and so I went ahead and took some photos of these postings in order to share with our viewers on this channel. 

So this is a posting regarding the procedure associated with the actual application process at the Ministry of Labour.  Let me be clear. This isn't a video that is going to go over how to prepare an application. That is a whole different process; quite a bit longer. This is simply what happens when you go down to apply for a Work Permit or renewal etc. So quoting directly from this and I will go ahead and throw it up on there: Procedure of services, work hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Last call for closing time of obtaining a work permit, so the last call to actually get the permit issued is 3:30.  Meanwhile, they go ahead and say: Work permit application procedure – You take a queue, check the paperwork, registration, pay fee. So basically you go ahead and wait in line. You go ahead and have a pre-adjudication which is done by an Officer at the Labour Department. Then assuming that that is approved you go ahead and get registered and then you pay the fee and then presumably you will come back later and actually pick up the issued Work Permit.  So it can vary a little bit for various people but I thought this was a good video.

Again this is a work permit. You need this to get work authorized in the Kingdom and when you actually go into the office, it can be a little bit daunting for those who go for the first time. That being said, under many circumstances, someone from our firm will go down there on most people’s behalf. There are certain circumstances where there is no way around it; the individual has to be there, but I thought that this would be of interest to folks who were looking at possibly getting a work permit in the Kingdom as this was a pretty good example of what it looks like to process through that particular office.