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Work Permit Issues for Those with Multiple Corporate Interests in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Work Permit issues associated with multiple kinds of corporate interests here in Thailand. For example it may be that someone is on a company, they own their company or they have an ownership interest in the Company that is providing their Work Permit and then they may have ownership interest in other companies; or they may have some kind of employment interest with a third party Company and their Company that provides their Work Permit may be directly involved in that or they may be doing it on the side if you want to call it that. What are the ramifications of this? 

Well first of all, understand this and I know I am a broken record and some folks comment on this, it is going to be very circumstantially dependent so you are probably going to want to contact a legal professional if you are having this issue where you have got multiple corporations and you want to make sure you are within the parameters of work authorization. 

Next, there is a fundamental misunderstanding about Work Permits in Thailand. That fundamental misunderstanding stems from the fact that a lot of people view that Work Permit as attached to the person. They fail to view it as it is work authorization associated with a specific corporate sponsor. Now it may be possible to have multiple endorsements for multiple corporate sponsors if you are working in multiple different businesses. There may be circumstances where depending on if one's Company is being contracted by another Company and you have to interact with that other Company and their personnel, that may still be in line with the Labour Department regulations and rules. Again it is going to be very circumstantially dependent. It is not going to be a situation where it is going to be a one size fits all analysis. 

The thing to take away from this video, is yes it may be possible to operate and have different hats on if you will with respect to engaging in different tasks for different corporations but you have got to be very, very careful when dealing with this and make sure everything is structured in such a way as to be in line with relevant Labour Law here in the Kingdom.