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Work Permits in Thailand: What is WP1?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permits specifically what is WP1?

Here recently I was down at the Labour Department and I was assisting in some matters associated with clients of the firm and I happened to be there for a relatively for fairly prolonged period of time and I noticed that there were many postings throughout the office that could provide some insight  to the viewers of this channel or could provide some insight to the viewers of this channel so I went ahead and took some photos of these postings down at the Labour Department in order to share them with you here.  

So here is one of them and just to provide some insight on what is called the WP 1 I thought I would go ahead and let Labour speak for themselves and just quote directly from this posting:  "WP1 application for a WP, WP obviously stands for work permit, for alien workers who have never applied for a work permit before or for those who want to reapply for the work permit due to his expiry. The applicant have residence in the Kingdom of Thailand or have permission to temporarily stay in the Kingdom of Thailand under the Immigration Law (non-immigrant Visa).

So basically WP1 is a person applying for the first time for work authorization in the Kingdom.  They are going to go ahead and utilize a WP 1 or if their prior Work Permit has fully expired, it is going to be necessary to go ahead and use WP1.

Now I should make clear this is a Thai Work Permit itself and its internal designation is WP 11 so ultimately you are going to get one of these if your application, your WP1 is successful for work authorization, you are going to be issued one of these down the road once you get work authorized.