Is Bangkok Pat Wrong About Thai Tax?

This talk goes into the Thai Tax System and the changes that came into effect in January 2024 regarding bringing money in to Thailand.

Thai "Revenue Department Expects Draft Legislation To Collect Taxes"?

This article discusses Thai Tax Policy specifically the collection of taxes from MNEs which will boost revenue and also align with the principles of OECD members.

"Clarification" For Foreign Retirees Regarding Taxation And "Paradise"?

This is a talk regarding the Tax System in Thailand specifically the issue of personal income tax which is causing some concern to the expat retirees.

Thai Revenue Department's "Faulty Identification" Of "Tax Residents"?

This is a talk regarding personal income tax on income that is brought in from overseas specifically as it pertains to those who are Tax Resident in Thailand.

Spousal Gifting And Taxes In Thailand?

This talk goes into tax implications that may arise from interpersonal family 'gifting' and thresholds associated with the gift.

Thailand Needs To Stop And Think About Changes To Tax Policy?

This talk goes in to the Tax Policy in Thailand specifically the rules regarding overseas income which could have an impact on foreigners who come to Thailand.

"Tax Deductions For Companies" In Thailand's Tourism Sector?

A talk regarding tourism in Thailand whereby the Thai Government has approved tax measures to boost tourism for companies who are involved with the Tourism sector.

Banking And Tax Issues Associated With Buying Property In Thailand?

This is a discussion regarding purchasing property such as condos in Thailand whereby it is necessary for a foreigner to prove that the funds are brought in from overseas.

Property Tax "Discount Is Discontinued" In Thailand?

This is a talk on property taxes in Thailand in that the temporary discount that was applied during Covid has ended and the full amount will now be payable.

Required Thai Tax Filing For Visa Renewal Not "Happening Anytime Soon"?

This talk goes into Tax Law in Thailand and whether tax returns will become a requirement for Visa issuance or visa renewals in Thailand.