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Thai Corporate Tax Certification for B Visas

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Tax certification.  We are specifically discussing this in the context of Business Visas.

Tax certification, and what we are talking about here is things like VAT, Corporate Income Tax, Withholding Tax, Social Security; all the taxes associated with maintaining a business, we are talking about this in the context of a Business Visa. Although they are not quite directly related, they are very pertinent to one another although sort of tangentially related. So all this tax certification is oftentimes a prerequisite for obtaining work authorization in Thailand and work authorization is a prerequisite for gaining a B Visa oftentimes as well as extension of B Visa status here in Thailand. So, in a lot of ways, tax certification is very relevant for purposes of maintaining Business Visa status here in the Kingdom.

Something that comes up a lot, especially with respect to new ventures, is the timing associated with tax certification and getting one's labour certification and thereafter getting one's B Visa status sorted out. For this reason, we find that you have got to be really assiduous with getting the timing right on getting the documentation filed and correctly formalized because failure to do so can result in some really sort of unforeseen, unfortunate consequences for folks if they can't get their documentation done. It is like tumblers in a lock, one thing is dependent on another and one certification will act as a prerequisite for another piece of documentation which is then necessary for another piece of documentation to get for example a Business Visa extension or application lodged. 

So the thing to take away from this video, oftentimes you can find yourself in sort of a Gordian Knot situation, a lot of catch-22s associated with this, for those who find themselves in such a set of circumstances, it may be a good idea to contact a legal professional in order to gain some insight and guidance into how best to proceed.