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Thai Tax Form PND 2 Withholding of Corporate Dividends and Interest

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are going to be talking about Thailand tax forms; specifically PND 2. This is the tax form here in Thailand primarily used for the withholding of tax paid on dividends that come off of the profits of shares in a given Thai limited company. So this, not dissimilar to tax on dividends for lack of a better term Capital Gains Tax in the United States.

This is the specific form that we deal with when dealing with withholding tax on given dividends. It has been my experience especially with smaller companies here in Thailand, this form isn't really utilized all that much, but that being said it is extremely important because again failure to go ahead and deal with this stuff can lead to rather serious tax consequences from the Revenue Department here in the Kingdom of Thailand. So when dealing with the PND 2, it is important to get it filed within the statutorily required period of time, to go ahead and get the taxes on file and paid from the date of the dividend itself.

So the thing to take into consideration with respect to this is, it just has to be dealt with. Now another interesting thing is this may not be necessarily dividends paid to an individual person, it could be dividends paid out to a corporation for example or maybe some other entity like a partnership or something like this but that being said, withholding tax does need to be assessed on dividends and it needs to be paid to the Revenue Department and this is the form that you need to go ahead and deal with when dealing with dividend dispersals here in the Kingdom.