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A Thai Amity Treaty Company for IT and E-Commerce Business in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the US-Thai Treaty of Amity.

We are specifically discussing it in the context of businesses here in Thailand or I should say specifically a Thai Company certified under the Treaty for Americans to conduct business here in Thailand, specifically in the tech sector, the IT sector. 

Thai or sororities, the government here in Thailand has been trying to woo tech companies here to Thailand and for this reason I thought I would make this video because an American tech company or a branch of a tech company or even a tech startup, may be well-advised to go ahead and look at Amity Certification because not only are there benefits under the provisions of the Treaty itself, most notably it allows an American company to have a 100% business ownership, so 100% nationality ownership within the ownership of the Company. So an American or Americans can own 100% of a notwithstanding the restrictions on similar types of activity on other foreigners here in Thailand pursuant to the provisions of the Foreign Business Act. 

Not only that, I believe that there are substantial tax benefits to an Amity Treaty Company set up which are inherent in the fact that the Amity Treaty is by definition American Law and therefore it results in such operations not being considered what are called Controlled Foreign Corporations pursuant to the American Tax Code. I have gone into great detail on that in other videos; go to the link in the description below where I get into really pretty  heavy detail as to exactly how the tax benefits can work out. 

Now a tech company could end up in Thailand with Amity certification as well as BOI promotion; that is promotion of the Board of Investment as well as partake and enjoy certain aspects of the Smart Visa program which can be a substantial benefit for those looking to conduct certain types of tech or various intellectual property initiatives, Artificial Intelligence, e-Commerce; those types of things can be well situated here in Thailand. Most notably again The Amity Treaty provides certain benefits not only pursuant to Thai regulation on foreign businesses here in Thailand but also with respect to US tax. BOI could result in at least theoretically could result in a tax holiday for certain types of business here in Thailand especially tech oriented businesses here in Thailand and that could be a substantial benefit for tech companies looking to operate here. 

So the thing to take away from this video, those who are interested in this are well advised to contact a legal professional and gain insight into all the ramifications associated with doing business here in the Kingdom and also the ramifications of possible abatement of certain American taxes. There may be situations wherein it may be highly beneficial to an American Business to conduct business here in Thailand as it may be a substantial benefit under the American tax code as well.