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Biometrics Continue to Identify Prior Deportees in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing biometrics again. 

I think biometrics is arguably one of the biggest developments that has happened within the Thai Immigration apparatus in probably a couple of decades, frankly I think. This is a big deal. This system, this biometrics system is efficiently sorting people out, determining whether someone has been previously deported, has a prior criminal conviction. When this system is interlinked with overseas, warrant databases etc., it becomes even more powerful and I thought that it was noteworthy to make another video on this topic.

 It recently came to my attention in an article in the Nation Thailand. That is   The article is titled: Russian Woman Arrested for Allegedly Using Thai Nominee in Business.   I urge those watching this video to read that because the main thrust of the story isn't really even about biometrics but I found this particular information to be very insightful. “Sompong”, that's the Lieutenant General in charge of the Immigration Bureau here in the Kingdom, said “Nikiforova, which is the individual in question in this article, has left the country and re-entered with a new name and a new passport but the Bureau's biometric iris scanning system identified her as the wanted person on the arrest warrant.”

It is very, very interesting how efficient and effective biometrics is turning out to be and I think it is very safe to say that we are going to see more arrests stemming primarily from biometric identification because it is just pretty much impossible to fake.  A fake passport is possible. A new name is possible. A new set of eyes I mean I have seen the movie Minority Report and I presume sometime in the future it may be possible to get a new set of eyes but I don't think that's going to be happening tomorrow and frankly it may never happen. Fingerprints, again very difficult to forge fingerprints for lack of better term. Facial recognition, that's another one. Facial recognition is very effective in identifying individuals because people's faces are simply unique and facial recognition technology can take that into account, keep that information in a database and basically identify people where necessary. So for a lack of a better term,it's a brave new world out there and it's definitely a brave new world with respect to Thai Immigration.

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