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I Formally Volunteer To Assist The Royal Thai Police

Transcript of the above video:

The title of this video probably seems very strange but it is coming on the heels of all of this talk of the notion of Chinese Police patrolling Thailand. I have already done one video on this where I got into that pretty deeply as far as sort of what is going on with respect to this notion. 

I thought of making this video after reading a recent article from the Bangkok Post, that is, the article is titled: Unease over Chinese cops. Yeah, "unease" would be a massive understatement; thanks Bangkok Post. Unease? Come on. Quoting directly: "Cooperation between Thai and Chinese Police is necessary to help restore confidence in tourists' safety says the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), with tour operators hoping this scheme will help reduce illegal Chinese businesses." Neat! First off, hey TAT how about you stay in your lane, maybe go find us some tourists rather than doing this, making this proposal. Let Law enforcement worry about Law enforcement in Thailand. If a certain pool of tourists doesn't want to come to Thailand, go find another pool of tourists. There are plenty of folks out there; there are a lot of continents and things. Quoting further: "The Government proposal to invite Chinese Police to Thailand has stirred public discussion." Yeah, yeah. Quoting further: "this week as some people raised concerns about allowing them to patrol alongside local police." Let me just be the first to say that yeah I will be the first one to admit that's a real problem for me. I don't like that idea at all. I moved to Thailand, I didn't move to Thailand * with Chinese police, or whatever. And for those who are unaware, I am a naturalized Thai. I know this seems very strange. I do have my own biases, I probably should be the first to admit that; I come from an American background but I love Thailand. I came to Thailand over 15 years ago, fell in love with it; it took me 10 years before I was able to become a Thai which was one of the proudest days of my life. I love this place. This is just nonsense talk. That said, let's go deeper into it. I want to do a deep dive into all of this and I mean what I'm saying. If the Thai Police need help, I am happy to volunteer. I'll be the first to volunteer, I raise my hand. 

Quoting further: "However, TAT Governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool said the joint police patrol scheme was just one proposal among several regarding possible cooperation." Well maybe throw out that one. Quoting further: "She said the idea was also touted by tour operators during the visit of TAT officials to the mainland last month." Tour officials in China? Because I haven't heard any tour officials down here in Thailand that have been clamouring to have foreign cops on our soil. "But the idea hasn't been finalized and would be discussed with the Chinese Ambassador during the meeting with the TAT this week." What does he have to do with it? The matter pertains to Thailand and as the National Police Chief has already said, General Torsak has already said, there are issues with that most notably because it would impinge on Thai sovereignty which I couldn't agree with the Police General more, with the Head of National Police more on that issue. "The proposal is based on the study of the previous scheme which Chinese Police initiated in other countries such as Croatia and Italy before the pandemic which helped boost Chinese tourists' confidence after official cooperation was forged and publicized by Chinese media." Let's start with a couple of things. First of all Chinese tourists' confidence is impacted by the narrative created by the Chinese Media. We have already done videos on this where we quoted the Thai Examiner I think I called it "Okay China" the title of that video. You can go back, look it up in our search function where Chinese Media was talking about people losing their kidneys or something down here in Thailand, getting organs harvested, okay. Just nonsense stuff. So let's start with that. First of all this whole narrative that is "shattering the confidence of tourists coming to Thailand" especially where doesn't the Chinese State control the Media apparatus in China? So if there is a problem with the narrative, where would that narrative be stemming from? Then, utilizing that narrative as a pretext, we come to the “solution” which is Chinese cops need to be on Thai soil which is wrong on so many levels I don't even have the words to put it into total articulation. And also, I don't care what happens in Croatia in Italy. If it worked for them more power too great for that. By the way China, I don't even have any problem with you; what works in China, great for China. Again this is Thailand; we do things the Thai way in Thailand. Thai Police patrol the streets in Thailand. Quoting further: "Ms Thapanee said its application to Thailand would be based on legitimacy and appropriate context." Thanks for the "non-word" words. What does that even mean? How about just "No"? Quoting further: “If the public is concerned about the joint patrol program," (as a member of the public I would like to say I am!) "there are other schemes that the police of the two countries can jointly implement, such as information exchange on illegal businesses, which is also one of the most critical issues." Well okay this is where I would say I am happy to volunteer, I will put my hand up and I will volunteer. I will volunteer the services of this Law firm. If the Royal Thai Police need assistance in rooting out illegal businesses it doesn't even have to be Chinese. If foreign nationals are coming to Thailand and engaging in illegal activity and there aren't the resources in the Thai Law Enforcement apparatus to deal with that and help is needed, foreigners are not the answer. You need assistance, Thailand will provide assistance; I'm happy to provide assistance. If you can't tell, I am a little upset about this okay, and I am not kidding either. If the Thai Police ever need anything with regard to this, with regard to tracking down people who are operating illegally, I will be happy to volunteer rather than see foreign police on the streets of the country I have come to love. "She said the cooperation is aimed at solving declining confidence among Chinese tourists." I love how it is Thailand's problem that Chinese tourists have declining confidence and therefore Chinese Police should be on Thai streets. What kind of nonsense, circular logic is that? "Tour operators in China are in favour of the scheme," (wow tour operators in China, great!) "Are in favour of this scheme as Chinese tourists will have more confidence if they know their police are nearby." Ah hah! If you are really that scared just don't come. There's an answer for you. Quoting further: "Chinese arrivals remained weak despite the Visa free scheme implemented in September. Sisdivachr Cheewarattanaporn, President of the Association of Thai Travel Agents said tour operators are not certain how much this scheme would help restore tourists' confidence." Good to hear a nuanced voice in the chorus. I mean honestly. I have got to tell you something. If somebody asked me "would having the Wichita PD from back in Kansas patrolling the streets down in Pattaya, would that make me feel better?" Not at all. As a Kansan, I can tell you that, no not at all. The Thai Police are doing just fine; they are doing their job taking care of Thailand the way God intended. "However, in terms of preventing illegal Chinese businesses, it might help solve the problem to some extent if Chinese Authorities can share useful information with Thai Police to help them crack down on criminals who might be afraid of their own police." Well you can probably share that information in an email. It doesn't require you walking around the streets, walking a beat here in Thailand. An email would do just fine for those purposes, those information sharing purposes. Great device, email. Fascinating stuff! Amazing! Really. “Quote: "Having Chinese Police officers patrolling the city might not be a good idea as Thai Police should be responsible for this job on their own." Yes, absolutely should be. No question. I didn't even know this was an issue. That is the worst thing that has happened since 2020. COVID, all of this stuff about digital money, all these crazy ideas which come and question just stuff we used to view as self-evident, notions of self-evident truths, like it's a self-evident truth that only Thai Police should be patrolling Thai streets, that is a self-evident truth to me. "As well as other safety and security issues while the Chinese Police can help by providing necessary support." Mr. Sisdivachr said." What is necessary support? Like I said, an email would be fine. Send whatever information you feel like sending but Thai Police can handle it; they have been handling it. I have watched them do their job quite competently for over a decade and a half now as both an outsider and someone who has become Thai. 

Again, it is just this whole notion of undermining notions which we once knew were self-evident. Chinese Police have no place on the streets of Thailand. Neither by the way do the police of any other country, on the streets of Thailand, on the streets of any of our cities here in Thailand. So again hopefully this will be the last one of these impassioned videos I do but man, I don't know what to say. This whole idea is just the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard and I really hope cooler heads prevail on this, people take a breath and realize the ramifications of allowing foreign law enforcement to be patrolling the streets of our country.