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The Interaction Between Thai Immigration & Criminal Law

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the interaction between Thai Criminal Law and Thai Immigration Law.

So what are we talking about here? Well to analogize into the US context if someone is convicted of a certain type of crime in the United States, especially a crime which is deemed to be a legal ground of admissibility, that individual can then become subject to deportation. In Thailand it is somewhat similar. If a person is put through criminal adjudication and they are deemed to have violated Thai Law, there may be Immigration consequences for that. Now to be clear, minor traffic offenses or something like this is not something to get overly concerned about although depending on the factual context of what happened, it could have ramifications in an Immigration context. 

More the point of this video is understanding that those who are dealing with a criminal charge in Thailand, if they are ultimately adjudicated to be guilty, the matter can be referred over to Thai Immigration for further action specifically with respect to deportation. So again, depending on the circumstances of a given case, it may be a situation wherein not only someone needs to go ahead and deal with trying to clear their name or have a favorable outcome in an adjudication but you could also see a situation where after that matter is closed, after that issue is closed, then dealing with circumstances involving being deported from Thailand or trying to go ahead and mitigate being deported from Thailand. Again, it is going to be very circumstantially dependent whether or not someone would be, should be, could be deported from Thailand in the aftermath of a criminal matter or a criminal trial here in Thailand but again that depends on your circumstances. Minor things, probably not, possibly not depending on what you are talking about but often times with more major crimes especially where a certain amount of time incarcerated is involved, often times although not always, that is pretty much a foregone conclusion you are going to be dealing with some kind of deportation.