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Labor Ministry Inspections for Thai Work Permit Applications

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai Work Permits. We are specifically discussing this issue in the context of inspections. Most people, anyone that has ever dealt with a B Visa in a prolonged context here in Thailand, if you haven't been inspected you have heard of people being inspected; mostly this happens in the context of Thai Immigration. Here recently, we have started seeing inspections from the Labour Department as well, and keep in mind Labour Ministry issues Thai Work Permits. This seems to be of increasing concern especially in a newer Work Permit context although we have discussed with certain officers that “yeah they are looking at dealing with inspections or having inspections on a more broad basis.” 

What is this mean as a practical matter? Well a couple of things, to go into some background. Last year I believe it was 2020, at least here in Bangkok, the regime for dealing with Work Permit issuance was all centralized. It was all dealt with, it was all done at Din Daeng and it was all in one office and they basically dealt with the entire metro area out of that one office. Now that is a lot of ground to cover. 

In the past let's call it 18 months they have promulgated policy which has created employment offices in districts, Labour Department districts, throughout the city. We have done a number of videos on this channel even delineating the different jurisdictions associated with those employment offices. It would appear that they are taking a more direct hands on, grassroots approach to dealing with Labour Ministry protocols and I should say maybe the upshot of this change in policy is that they are being more active at least in certain districts with having these inspections and we have seen a number of them. Now understand, if everything is in order with respect to one's company and one's Work Permit and visa, this shouldn't be a big deal. That said, it is a cause of consternation for foreigners here in Thailand.

For this reason, if you are concerned about Work Permits or a Labour Ministry inspection, it may be a good idea to contact a legal professional, to gain some insight and guidance into how best to deal with one's Work Permit or if you are currently coming under inspection, it may not be a terrible idea to contact the same type of professional in order to deal with or be represented by competent counsel who deals with the Labour Department on a regular basis.