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Is Medical Marijuana in Thailand Likely to Be Legalized Soon?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title to this video suggests, we are going to be discussing medical marijuana. This has been a topic that has been of some discussion for these past roughly 12-18 months here in the Kingdom as discussion has gone on and on about the possibility of ultimately legalizing marijuana although I don't see that as a particularly likely thing to occur, at least in the foreseeable future but also basically just the concept of medical marijuana generally.

In a recent article from the Bangkok Post, that is the title “High Hopes”: by line: Thailand Inches Closer to Legalized Medical Marijuana. Quoting directly, "The Cabinet last month approved draft legislation permitting research on the effects of medical marijuana on humans. This spells hope, if not life for those looking forward to benefiting from Cannabis' medicinal properties. Then the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, or GPO, under the Ministry of Public Health revealed that they would soon plant cannabis on the rooftop of its office. This however doesn't mean we can use weed for medical treatment in a few months’ time as the draft legislation will have to be forwarded to the National Legislative Assembly which will eventually pass it into law. Interestingly enough, and this is my comment, I don't know exactly why they are noting that the NLA is going to pass medical marijuana into law post of as a foregone conclusion. To me that would seem to remain to be seen but whatever. Quoting further, "In preparation for the soon to be implemented law that will give the green light to studies and tests of medical marijuana on humans", just quoting, that line is taken a little out of context but again the ultimate goal is testing medical marijuana on humans and that would seem to be the ultimate goal of getting this legislation through. As I noted a moment ago, it is kind of implying that this is a foregone conclusion that the NLA will pass this. The Cabinet seems to be on board with it but it is very likely we're going to see at least a very limited trial period of medical marijuana testing in the immediately foreseeable future but does that mean we're going to see broad usage of medical marijuana or prescriptions of medical marijuana anytime in the near future? I highly doubt it. I think we are in for a relatively long haul here with respect to Government Authorities researching it and then making determinations specifically with respect to the scope and circumstances under which medical marijuana could be prescribed, if at all. It may not actually in through. 

For those watching this video, I strongly recommend checking out and reading this article in its entirety; there is a ton of nuance in there on the topic generally. I am mostly here just wanting to make some commentary with respect to the likelihood of the legalities on this moving through anytime soon. I think it is very likely that we are probably not going to see broad usage of medical marijuana probably anytime in the next two and a half to 5 years, again if at all.