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One More Reason to Avoid Thai Immigration Detention

Transcript of the above video:

If you didn't have enough reasons for avoiding the Thai Immigration Detention Center, and I have been down there for business purposes on behalf of clients in a professional capacity multiple times and the waiting room itself, is not a place I like to be in. Those people are perfectly professional and nice folks that are working down there but the waiting room itself is a little antiquated, it is definitely a government office, not some place I really want to go but boy detention is someplace you don't really want to be and that is a good reason to avoid going there by staying in Thai Immigration status.

A recent article brought this point home even further. A recent article from the Bangkok Post,, the article is titled: 297 Migrant Detainees Test Positive for COVID. Quoting directly: "The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration on Monday reported almost 300 foreign immigrants at the Immigration Bureau's Detention Center at Suan Phlu and Bang Khen have contracted COVID-19. Quoting further: "There have been no reports of infections among Immigration Officers the doctor said." So, there is a lot going on in that article. Again it is titled: 297 Migrant Detainees Test Positive for COVID,

Yeah you can go to the Immigration Detention Center if you are in overstay in Thailand; you commit a crime in Thailand and you dealt with the Thai Courts and you are being deported. We have dealt with a number of cases involving deportees here in Thailand and it is an unfortunate set of circumstances to find oneself in. But just one more reason to avoid it would definitely be the fact that the situation down there seems pretty bad with respect to this overall pandemic set of circumstances we are having to deal with. As they have noted in this article it appears that there haven't been any deaths and they are taking substantial steps. They are moving folks that are in that facility to a campsite center where they can deal with sanitary conditions, hygiene and everything and treat all these folks so that everybody can get back I guess to being detained. I don't mean to make light of this but yes they are going to have to go back into detention eventually or get deported. I mean they might actually expedite some deportations because maybe they just don't want to put those people back into the system.

Again all that remains to be seen but for purposes of this video, one more reason to avoid the Immigration Detention Center and keep yourself from going into overstay, maintain your Visa status for lack of a better term at all costs because the consequences can be dire.