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Overstay and Deportation in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing overstay and deportation in Thailand. I am going to quote from an article from the Bangkok Post here momentarily but understand deportation oddly and extradition can kind of inhabit sort of the same universe depending on the circumstances, in a criminal context. 

In this video, we are talking more specifically just on deportation and overstay but I did another video contemporaneously with this one where we discussed it in a criminal context. That is the context this news article was discussing this in so there will be kind of a Criminal Law undertone to this whole thing but I am going to kind of hope I am going to sort of circle back and talk about this specifically in an overstay deportation context.

Quoting directly from the Bangkok Post, that is, the article is titled: Estonian drug suspect arrested in Pattaya. Quoting directly: "He said the Interpol Office in Estonia sent a letter dated February 1 asking Thai Immigration police to arrest Mr. (Name redacted; I am not going to use names here), who is wanted in Estonia for drug possession and named in an Interpol Red Notice issued on Jan 28." This to me, this excerpt here is more to the point, it drills it down. Quoting directly: "Mr. (Name redacted) entered the country on November 10, 2017 and his entry Visa expired on December 8 that same year. He was a long time overstayer." That is key I think. That is really a key component when analyzing this situation with respect to the interaction between Immigration Law, Thai Criminal Law and also how Thailand deals with extradition as opposed to deportation. As noted in the other video on the Criminal Law aspect of this, this person will probably not be extradited in the traditional sense insofar as they probably won't be put through extradition proceedings because they are deportable. They are in violation of the Immigration Act and as stated in that article if folks go back and read it, they actually go on to say that yeah he will be processed out under the terms of the Immigration Act of 1979 here in Thailand and will be shown the door essentially and sent back. But yeah, deportation for overstayers is a major thing. This person will probably at least be blacklisted for 5 years and more likelihood because it rises up to other levels because you have got this Red Notice issued, this person will probably be so-called life banned or 99 year banned whatever you want to call it, be placed on the Blacklist for that period of time and it is probably not going to be possible for that person to arrange to be able to come back to Thailand; they are just basically not going to be able to return. 

So yeah deportation and overstay they kind of go hand in hand. Obviously not everybody is going to be involved in sort of any major criminal proceedings but bear in mind overstay is taking very, very seriously. If you are caught in overstay in Thailand, you will be deported and if you are caught in Thailand you could be banned for five years, minimum.