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Thai Work Permit Applications: Prohibition of False Documentation

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Work Permit applications and we are specifically discussing a rather grave issue and that is false documentation associated with the application for one's Thai Work Permit.

Unfortunately there have been and it's been noted especially in an Immigration context in recent weeks and months, but there have been those operators who basically generate fake documents in order to support an application for work authorization here in the Kingdom.  To be clear we are talking about a work permit. This is a Thai Work Permit. One is not permitted to undertake employment activities in the Kingdom, if they are a foreign national, if they have not obtained one of these beforehand. Working in the Kingdom for a foreigner is illegal and it doesn't matter whether or not an individual has been paid to undertake labour; simply working in the Kingdom is enough to be in violation of the labour code. That being said providing false documentation in furtherance of an application for a Work Permit is a major, major problem.  

I was recently down at the Labour Department assisting clients on other matters pertaining to labour authorization or cancellation thereof and there was some posted signage around. I went ahead and took some photos of these to provide some insight to the viewers of this channel. This posting and I'll go ahead and put it up on this on this video as well, directly, I'll quote it directly: "Should an applicant or authorized person submit documents in support of a Work Permit application which are false or in contradiction with the truth, he or she will be charged with forgery of a document or a false statement according to the Penal Code of Thailand section 137,264 and 268." 

So this is a big deal.  Providing false documentation to the Thai Labour Department Authorities can be grounds for some serious penalties and for this reason those individuals who are doing that should stop, and they never should have been doing it in the first place, but moving forward, it is probably not a good idea especially in the enforcement atmosphere we are dealing with under the current regime to go ahead and undertake such activities, as prison is not a great place to go as a result of making a falsified work permit application.