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"Weed Club" In Thailand "Raided For E-Cigarettes"?

Transcript of the above video: 

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing that a Weed Club here in Thailand, I think they mean like a Cannabis shop, was raided due to an issue involving e-cigarettes. Let me get into this. Quoting directly from the Phuket News, that's, the headline is: 'The Weed Club' in Patong raided for e-cigarettes. "The 'Weed Club' in Patong and an associated address in Ratsada have been raided by officials for trading in the illegal sales of e-cigarettes, after the shop's operations were brought to the attention of the Phuket Governor." 

Yeah so-called e-cigarettes or vapes here in Thailand, this is a very nebulous issue. As we have discussed in videos previously on this channel, you can look up vapes, vaping, e-cigarettes in the search function on either our website, in the resources section or just go over to our channel here on YouTube and go to the search function, look for vapes, vaping, you will see videos we have done in the past, talking about what the rules on vapes and e-cigarettes are, and they are nebulous as we discussed. It is presently not legal to import them although they somehow seem to get in; they are here in Thailand. Possession of one in a personal capacity is not illegal per se, but there gets to be a lot of gray area when you get into the issue of selling them and the trade of them and maintaining large inventories of this type of product. Again this is kind of one of those examples where presently Cannabis is not as onerously in my opinion regulated as for example tobacco because tobacco and tobacco related products and nicotine related products like e-cigarettes fall under the purview of the Tobacco Monopoly here in Thailand and there are very strict rules associated with those products. Not so much in the Cannabis space but much more in that e-cigarette space. 

So the thing to take away from this video is understand, on a personal level, yeah if you have got your own personal vaping device, don't freak out and be worried that like the cops are going to bust down your door but folks that are selling this stuff and especially those who may be importing legally, illegally, depending on your paperwork, your licenses and things, again it's my understanding it is not legal in any event to import them, at least that was my last understanding. I'm happy to stand corrected on that if it turns out that now that has changed and it's just a matter of getting proper licenses; please feel free to let me know that in the comments below. 

Long story short, e-cigarettes remain in this sort of nebulous area and those selling them could see problems, even criminal problems, associated with sale of such products here in the Kingdom of Thailand.