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Working in Thailand Without Authorization is Illegal

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing these. These are Work Permits. 

In order to work in the Kingdom, one has to have one of these as it provides employment authorization. It should be noted that work doesn't necessarily mean paid work. Any labor activity occurring in the Kingdom could be construed as work and for this reason if one is construed to be in violation of the labour codes of Thailand, one could be a detrimentally impacted by being for instance deported or even imprisoned. 

I was recently down at the Labour Department. I was assisting clients in another matter pertaining to labour authorization in Thailand and the issue of working illegally came up, in both the context of an employer and employee, okay. 

So employer's duties: Now this was posted at the Labour Department at their office. We will go ahead and throw that up there. I'll go ahead and read it. 

Employers duties: 

Must not employ the foreign worker who does not have a work permit

Must not employ the form worker to engage in work which is different from the work specified in the work permit.

Now there has been liberalization on some of these points, especially with respect to scope of work and geographical scope of work also; there's another video on this channel where we go into that.  

But the thing to take away from this is labour is unequivocally, Labour is making it clear it is illegal for foreigners to work in Thailand without work authorization and as it was posted down there, so I am just sort of spreading the word. It is illegal to work in the Kingdom of Thailand without a duly issued work authorization, AKA a WP11, one of these books; a Work Permit Booklet.