What if my Bank Book is Lost or Stolen in Thailand?

Losing a bank book in Thailand can be a frustrating issue to resolve.

Living in Thailand: Drafting a Will

Those foreign nationals living long term in Thailand should consider drafting a Will.

Reworking of Hotel and Guesthouse Licensing in Thailand

Thai authorities have decided to provide an amnesty to allow hotel operators to come into compliance with relevant law.

Must Foreigners in a Thai Yellow House Book File TM30?

Foreigners, even those who own a condominium with freehold title, in Thailand need to file TM.30 regardless of possession of a yellow tabien baan (house book).

Thai 90 Day Reporting: What if I Have a Yellow House Book?

Do those listed in a yellow tabien baan (house book) need to file 90 day reports at Thai immigration?

Is Tourism Really Declining in Thailand?

Although the numbers of tourists appear to be going down, some of the decline may be due to re-classification of certain people living in Thailand.

Extended Bar Closing Times Discussed in Thailand

Officials in Thailand are discussing extending the legal hours of operation of bars and pubs which are located on real estate in certain districts in Bangkok and Greater Thailand.

Does Owning a Thai Condo Make TM30 Unnecessary?

Does ownership of a condominium in Thailand by a foreigner negate the need to file TM30 address notification forms?

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Information about buying a condominium in Thailand.

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