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Is Buying or Renting a Thai Condo Better for Retirees?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing, well we are discussing condos in Thailand and whether or not for a retiree here in Thailand, it is better to rent or buy. Now to be clear, sometimes I put better in quotation marks but because what works for one may not work for another. Facts in a given case are going to dictate and I am not going to try to tell people what is best for them. Oftentimes I am wearing my legal guy hat with respect to these videos. This is kind of a little bit more general video than I otherwise make but it is going to depend.

I have seen circumstances where buying a condo really worked well for certain retirees in Thailand and I have seen circumstances where it has not worked well at all; where it really was kind of a nightmare for folks. I have seen circumstances where renting was a real problem often times usually because of like landlord disputes and then I have also seen circumstances where renting was great.

Now in a lot of ways we are kind of in a renter's market, and a buyer's market for that matter because there are a lot of bargains to be had out on the real estate market especially with respect to things like condos. It is going to depend on your circumstances but I think most folks, the biggest problem in the renting side is you end up with a situation in the future where you really like where you live but the landlord ups the rent and it no longer becomes either feasible or you just don't feel it is worth the cost and you have to move and deal with some of the hassle associated with that. Again that is just going to depend on your situation. Again with buying you may end up in a situation where you have got a condo that long term you don't end up using; your circumstances may change. Some of that is difficult to predict; some of its relatively easy to predict so depending on your circumstances that will kind of driving the analysis as to what is going to be the best way to maintain a domicile here in the Kingdom of Thailand.