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Duty Stamp for Real Estate Transactions in Thailand

See transcript of the above video below:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the duty stamp fee.   There are duty stamps that may be assessed on the sale of a given piece of real estate here in the Kingdom and I just wanted to briefly discuss that. Again there are other videos on this channel with respect specifically to the transfer fee or the transfer tax associated with conveyancing of a given property but the duty stamp fee should also be discussed. 

The duty stamp fee only comes up in a context where it's a piece of property that is not subject to special business tax. There's a specific video on this channel about special business tax which is basically a tax assessed on property that's being flipped rather quickly in relative terms whereas a duty stamp fee is assessed on a piece of property that's being conveyanced that hasn’t been now sold off within a certain fast period of time from the date that the seller once being the buyer but now seller, initially purchased the property.

So duty stamps fees, you are either going to deal with a duty stamp fee or a special business tax. In those cases where you have got somebody who has held on to that property for a long period of time, duty stamp will need to be assessed. The amount is 0.5% of the appraised value or the contract price of the given piece property whichever is higher.

So again duty stamp fee, very different from special business tax fee which I get into another video on this channel in more detail but if you're not dealing with special business tax you are going to be dealing with duty stamp so that's something to be aware of when both selling and purchasing property here in the Kingdom of Thailand.