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Accentuate the Positive

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are talking about accentuating the positive. I have gotten a fair amount of feedback from folks in various forums and in correspondence and people have said, "You have been kind of a downer about things that have gone on." Well, the fact of the matter is the situation is what it is. It is not the most fun situation to be in and yes things are starting to turn the corner, I think. I hope we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now and I decided to go ahead and make this video to accentuate some positive things.

Obviously this channel, we talk about law primarily. We talk a lot about Immigration law and those can be pretty boring topics for some, I think that is safe to say but it can also be kind of negative when you are looking at this in the grand scheme of things and looking at the way things have gone, especially since April, mid-April 2021 and now hopefully things are turning a corner. When I say accentuate the positive, look I love Thailand. I still love Thailand. I don't love that many things have been shut down for quite a while; I don't love seeing the negative impacts of these lockdowns especially when gauged against what I cannot see is any real positive benefits that have been really gained by this in my opinion. And that is just anecdotal, just my personal observations and I'll leave it at that. But yeah, I haven't liked seeing that but I still love living in Thailand. It's great to go to the beach; it's great to be with the Thai people. I love the Thai people. They are sweet people, they are very nice, they are always funny. I have really been quite inspired by their ability to keep up good humour in the midst of all of this and they still kind of joke around and make some funny remarks from time to time and yes for viewers out there, yes I do speak Thai. No, I do not consider myself overly fluent. In fact I believe that to be idiomatically fluent you basically have to be born here but yes I do have a functional working ability with Thai. Why don't I use it here on this channel? Because that is really not the purpose of this channel. I am not really speaking to a Thai audience and quite frankly, I can’t articulate myself nearly as clearly in Thai as I can or at least nearly as precisely as I can in English, so that's why I make these videos the way I do. 

Back to the point of this overall video is trying to accentuate the positive, yeah that light is at the end of the tunnel and I am hoping we are really seeing it this time. After a year and a half of talking about "Travel bubbles" that never came about I am really hoping that this is the one, the point at which we are talking about the serious light at the end of the tunnel where things really are going to be reopened and we are going to see things moving in a positive direction and hopefully we are going to see the economy recover. It is not going to happen overnight but we are going to see things move in that direction. I still love living in Thailand. It's great being here, it is just not the greatest time to be maybe living much of anywhere at the moment and hopefully we will see that turn around sooner rather than later.