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Face Mask "Mandate" Easing in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the "Face Mask Mandate" and we have “mandate” in quotes for those who watch this channel relatively frequently I have noted many times that I can't find a law where there is any Legal Authority for having any kind of "Mandate", but that really isn't the thrust of this video. If you want to get into my analysis on that I have been talking about it since April of 2021. 

Now the reason for the video is I was reading a recent article from the Bangkok Post, that is, the article is titled: More entry barriers lifted. Quoting directly: "The CCSA also agreed to ease the requirement for wearing a face mask making it purely voluntary outdoors or in uncrowded places. Dr. Taweesilp further said that people would be able to take off their face masks when they were in open-air places and during activities or at work when masks were not really required." Well that is nowhere where masks have been normally required prior to all of this and I will just say it, "nonsense"!  I don't really see the purpose of any of this. I think the data now, especially 2 years on is clear. There is there is not really much that is being done by this other than; well I have a lot of questions about why this is happening and why this is being done. We quoted in another video, Khun Anutin, who is the Head of the Ministry of Public Health noted that it was to control people's "behaviour" and I often wonder, well I wonder a lot of things I will put it that way. But that said, this is easing, this is going to happen. It looks like it is occurring on July 1. I don't know why we are waiting until July 1 for this to happen but okay that's what is going on. I certainly think it is a good thing; it is a move in the right direction but honestly we do need to put all this behind us that's my opinion and frankly I think it's supported by the data. As I have noted in many other videos, you cannot create through Emergency Decree what you have not codified by law and there is nothing codified that I can find that allows for this face mask rule. 

That being said, it will definitely be nice to see people's faces when you are walking around especially here in the streets of Bangkok. It is my understanding that some of the beach towns and things already things are quite a bit more lax than they are up here in the city. That being said, I am not really able to comment on that directly, I am just getting that from sort of secondary evidence, sort of anecdotal evidence. But yeah things appear to be easing with respect to this mask issue and it looks like we are going to see things kind of moving in a more positive direction in coming days and weeks and months and we will certainly keep you updated on this channel as the situation evolves.