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Impossible to Turn "Back the Clock" on Cannabis in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Cannabis yet again here in Thailand. I was reading a recent article in the Bangkok Post, that was quite interesting. It was an editorial and the editorial was titled: Past Cannabis Controls Now. I actually read this in the print edition of the Bangkok Post but we will go ahead and throw up to cute it. Quoting directly: "It is impossible to bring back the clock, treat Cannabis as a narcotic once more, and put those who use and grow it in jail. Such a perspective is out of sync with reality. Cannabis is a known and popular treatment for a number of common ailments."

Lot of great information in that editorial. I urge those who are watching this video go check out that editorial, read it in detail. They bring up a lot of good points about the future of cannabis here but one thing that I think is really worth noting and it's worth the time to make this video is look we are not looking to turn the clock back on this in the sense that yes, the issue of recreational versus medicinal, the issue of smoking outdoors, the issue of obviously no children using it, no pregnant women using this product, using this commodity, obviously those are all issues that need to be sussed out. Quite frankly when it comes to pregnant women and the child issue, I think that has already been sussed out, that's illegal, you can't do that but we are still dealing with a lack of regulatory structure. I mean marijuana, cannabis, whatever you want to call it has been legalized in Thailand and I stress that. It is a different thing than decriminalized; decriminalized in my opinion is more of a Common Law sort of notion. In Thailand if something is not illegal under the Civil Code, then it is by definition lawful, you can do it, again within certain reason. But yeah as long as, again the moment Cannabis was no longer classified as a narcotic, well it's not covered by any present laws on the issue. 

Now again as we've discussed, there's a licensing regime associated with controlled herbs, the Controlled Herb License which yeah that is a bit of a regulatory structure under sort of the Thai Traditional Medicine Laws but that's basically what we have for now. And again I would like to see some further regulations put in place but as they note in this editorial which tends to agree that yeah we need to put further regulation in place, as noted in this editorial, we are not turning the clock back on this so this is something that's going to be happening moving into the future and I think it is something that it is probably best if we all work toward finding a regulatory structure everybody can agree with, rather than worrying about trying to recriminalize something that has already been basically legalized.