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Is It Time Thailand Seriously Considers Legalized Gambling?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing legalized gambling in Thailand. I have had a lot of people ask me about this especially in recent days. I am not going to quote any articles but just some of these headlines, there has been a number of them: Soldiers Raid Gambling Operation- Arrest 53 ChineseFive Arrested in Crackdowns on Drugs online gambling, the third headline: 200 Million Baht Football Gambling ring busted. That is all just from the Bangkok Post, and just from roughly the past 7 days. Another article from Thai PBS World, just the headline. PM Concerned over Illegal Gambling During Euro 2020 Soccer Tournament. Again there just seems to be, don't know how to say this but there is a lot of gambling and people will gamble whether it is illegal or not unfortunately. So what do you do with that?

We have discussed gambling a little bit here recently especially the notion that the "second wave" clusters arose in illegal casinos here in Thailand and there was a lot of talk back then. My personal opinion is I am not necessarily one way or the other on legalized gambling for Thailand. I personally have a background in the gaming industry. I have worked in a casino for a number of years especially while I was going through law school and I certainly understand the pros of it. It does create a lot of jobs. It can create a real draw especially to a Tourism Centre and especially where you have got a Tourism Centre that is in the doldrums not unlike Thailand is presently I think, yeah serious consideration of legalized gambling is a good idea. Whether or not one, a country or a jurisdiction should ultimately go ahead and do it, that is a different matter and you need to look at a number of other factors associated with the given environment in which you are looking to put that kind of operation. 

That said, I mean based on all of these headlines and things and the overall situation, one would think it wouldn't be a terrible idea as of now for Thailand to seriously maybe give that a look and possibly weigh the pros and cons as to legalization of gambling here in the Kingdom of Thailand.