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Opacity Regarding Reopening Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing opacity, sort of vagueness associated with reopening of Thailand. I am just going to go ahead, I am not going to quote a lot but I am just going to go ahead and put this up. This is from TAT, this is Tourism Authority of Thailand, that is, Thailand eases entry rules from 16 December, 2021.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in this but basically they eased more entry rules but there are sort of these three notions going on here: "Exemption from Quarantine, (TEST & GO)", "Living in the Blue Zone (the Sandbox)", alternative quarantine, so “Happy Quarantine Nationwide”. I know a lot of people have, well they are confused frankly. Well I can see why. I have trouble keeping track of this myself and quite frankly I deal with it daily. There are a lot of different programs all going on at once. In fact I remember we did a video on this I think somebody either in the Government or it was in like the Chamber of Commerce said "hey stop coming up with all these programs and naming them different things". Then there are different programs that apply to different people. Yeah I think it literally said: "stop confusing tourists!" You can search for that in the search function on our channel; "stop confusing tourists" and you will see what they have to say on that. 

It is interesting. The overall situation is opaque in many ways and trying to navigate through it can be somewhat complex especially it can be rather Byzantine and it can be kind of frustrating especially as rules change rather frequently. Now sometimes things change for the better and I know there have been people that have had frustrations about paying for things that turned out not to be necessary and then not being able to get a refund and things; I have done a video contemporaneously with this one where we discuss that. 

Long story short, yeah it is still I would say it is opaque. I think Thailand is coming by it honestly because everybody is trying their best to implement these protocols and it is new for lack of a better term. I mean this stuff is just coming online in the past few days and weeks. I think it is going to take a little more time for things to smooth out. That said, I have talked to a lot of folks in the last week that have just come into Thailand and they said: "look, all things considered, it wasn't the easiest thing in the world but it wasn't the worst thing the world I have done", so it is possible to get into Thailand. It is possible to get into Thailand with virtually zero quarantine right now so overall, I do think that is a step in the right direction.