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Who Has Final Say on Lockdown Policy in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the recent I guess you could call it a lockdown in the sense. They have put out a decree basically that 41 provinces are closing all entertainment venues; pubs, bars and a recent article from Bangkok Post, that is, the article is titled: Entertainment Lockdown in 41 Provinces. Quoting directly: "The CCSA would allow Governors, including the Bangkok Governor, to propose the reopening of entertainment places if they were considered safe but the final call remained with the Prime Minister he said." and he is Dr. Taweesilp. Dr. Taweesilp is the head of the CCSA, the doctor in charge of the CCSA; the Committee on COVID Situation. So that is where the buck stops on this. The Prime Minister is ultimately the person who makes the decision regarding the lockdowns, whether they will continue; by lockdown I mean these closures, these current entertainment places closures. The Prime Minister is the person with the final say on that although it appears that there is sort of an advisory role played by the local provincial Governors who can basically say "look we think everything is fine" and then that has got to be signed off by the PM. 

So it remains to be seen. It looks like for the next two weeks, pubs, bars, entertainment places are going to continue to be closed or shuttered, at least well it seems Bangkok and the other 40 provinces that are covered under this order. Again we may see changes to this throughout the two weeks. Some of the Governors may pop up and say "look we think it is okay here now" and go ahead and pull their lockdown off; again with the assent of the PM. 

So it remains to be seen exactly how this plays out but yeah the answer to the question posed in this video, who is ultimately responsible, who makes the final call regarding lockdown or this recent round of lockdown if you will, and that would be the Prime Minister.