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Why Are Thai Entertainment Venues Blamed for the "Third Wave"?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are asking: "Why have the entertainment establishments been just vilified since April of 2021 during this so-called "third wave" or "fourth wave"? I don't know how to count at this point but we will call it the "third wave" so the title of this video is about the Third Wave. 

The reason I started thinking about this, I was reading an article in Bloomberg,, the article is titled: Thailand Prepares to Reopen Bars as Foreign Tourists Return and there was this excerpt in here that was just stated as fact that I thought was very strange. Quoting directly: "Thailand has held back on easing curbs on nightlife entertainment venues like bars and karaoke parlors after they were found to be the main COVID clusters during the nation's worst wave of outbreak that began in early April." Well, that is not how I recall things going down. In fact as I recall, a lot of this had to do with markets and construction sites. That was what they were talking about some time ago and in fact this notion of entertainment establishments only came up because it looked to me, and I am not going to go into all the details of this you can go look it up on the internet, but there were politicians apparently that were sort of casting other politicians, trying to cast them in a bad light whatever you want to call it, talking about "oh they went to a club and then spread something around and it caused a cluster", this that and the other thing. Well my point being is why is entertainment being singled out? This could just as easily has been a supermarket. As we have seen, construction sites were said to be an issue; markets were said to be an issue. Why? Why is entertainment being sort of singled out? I don't see any data either. If anybody and I am happy, if you can show it in the comments please put it up. If there is some kind of data that says that this is how this happened but it is always presented anecdotally and it is always presented as in this article as just a known quantity; "well that is what happened!" Well I was here then and there were multiple things going on. It wasn't just the entertainment sector that was causing a cluster. So I find this really weird that that it has been singled out. 

The other thing is, there are people that may have their own opinions on the entertainment sector, various parts the entertainment sector. It provides jobs and there were people that their entire incomes were based on certain aspects of the entertainment sector and they are just out of work and they don't necessarily need to be and it doesn't look like those venues are any more of a threat. Obviously I am a layman but I mean, why are cinemas okay but a bar isn't? To me it does not compute when I try to logically think it out. That said, hopefully we are going to see this stuff start to ease in the weeks ahead and we will certainly keep you updated on this channel as the situation evolves.