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Why Does the Thai Public Keep Getting Blamed for the Pandemic?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, this is basically me posing the question, "Why does the Public keep getting blamed for the situation, the Pandemic?" Why am I saying that?

Well I have quoted a number of articles going all the way back into April talking about Officials, Government Officers, Spokespeople that constantly seem to come out, there was one video where a child psychologist came out and was talking I think it was in the Bangkok Post about how “Thais can't control themselves”; the implication was we are all a bunch of children. Then another video we did I was discussing an article, I think again in the Bangkok Post that was talking about the Spokesperson for the CCSA came out and said that "people unmasked playing cards on the back of their trucks" was somehow this terrible violation that seemed to, again the implication was that they were at fault for the spread of this virus. We have done videos on this channel, like I have discussed in another video, the proximate cause for the virus is the virus. The people that are in the chain of infection, especially inadvertently, people that know they have it that is a different thing. If you intentionally or negligently infect someone else that is something different but if you are just in the chain of infection, just going about your life, there is not an affirmative duty on you to do anything about this. It is like trying to hold someone responsible for the wind blowing. It is too arbitrary. You can't do that. 

That said, we have gone into great detail in other videos on that another article from the Bangkok Post I was reading and I just was frankly aghast at it, the article is titled: Government was Floored by Variants says WHO. This first quote is coming from in this article Richard Brown, Health Emergency's Program Manager of the WHO's Thailand Office. Quoting directly from the article: "There is a big responsibility for the public to apply at least the basic measures to stop infections. If everyone can do this, we can break the chain of transmission he explained." I am going to keep quoting. Quoting further: "Doctor Nakorn Premsri, the Director of the National Vaccine Institute admitted that the first wave measures went well because of cooperation from various sectors particularly the Government and the Public." Well what other sectors are there? The Government and the public, okay. Moving on. Quoting: "No matter how good the measures are, without the backing of the public we may face an even more serious level of contagion as happened in other countries Dr Nakorn said." This is not our fault. I am tired of this. I am tired of this implication; this isn't even an implication at this point. This is blaming. We are the victims of this virus. I hate using the term “victims” but to say that we somehow need to do something about this is just wrong. When I was thinking of making this video and I read these passages, another big question for me is who elected this WHO person to anything in Thailand. I understand the WHO is an international organization and that is great but I am sorry, I don't know what this person knows about what has happened here in Thailand but I have been here in Thailand since this all began. I have watched people consciously and intentionally shut down their own businesses for the greater good. I have watched people basically go into total destitution for the greater good, for the public good, so to see this stuff where the public gets blamed it really upsets me. As I was saying when I was thinking about making this video, I was thinking about a film actually. It was a film called Leap of Faith and it takes place in Kansas which is actually where I am from. It is a film with Steve Martin in it. I would urge anybody has never seen it, it is a good movie. It is basically about a charlatan, a con man preacher who comes to this small town and he is doing his thing, and he comes upon this kid who is disabled; he can't walk. The kid really wants to believe that he can walk if he has faith or whatever and there is this point in the film, he has this older sister that the con man preacher is trying to woo and she doesn't want to have anything to do with him and he tries to figure out why and she finally tells him she says "well we took him to another one of these “faith healer” guys, these charlatan folks and he put him on stage and when he couldn't walk he said that the boys faith wasn't strong enough," and she said I will never put him through that again. It just psychologically destroyed him and I thought of this when I was reading this. Again just quoting directly: "There is a big responsibility for the public to apply at least the basic measures to stop infections." How can we the public do anything really more than what we are doing? You are in the upper 90 percentile of mask usage, we have talked about this before; I don't know how much that really has an impact, we are fully locked down, talked about this before; don't know how much that has an impact, what more do you want the public to be doing at this point? Do we just freeze in place? Are we just supposed to be cryogenically frozen until a virus disappears? Quoting further: "if everyone can do this we can break the chain of transmission." How is this the public’s responsibility to break this chain of transmission? How does the public destroy a virus? How does that happen? I would love it to be explained to me because I haven't seen it anywhere and anybody that has watched my videos can tell I have been looking at this stuff, I have been researching. How do we do it because everything we have done thus far has not worked? Quoting further: "No matter how good the measures are, without the backing of the public we may face an even more serious level of contagion as happened in other countries." So it's the publics fault if we face a more serious level of contagion? No as we have said in another video, it is the virus's fault. The proximate cause of the virus is the virus itself. I am sorry, I don't mean to get upset about this stuff but like I said, I was just thinking of that scene in that film and it just seems like blaming the victim and I don't understand why.

I don't see what more Thailand can do at this point and in fact, if we don't seriously consider our economy moving forward especially in light of the fact that especially lockdowns don't seem to have had a tremendous overall impact on this disease, if we don't start looking at our economy and our economic interest, I think we are going to be in a far worse position a year from now than we are currently.