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Will "Containment Measures" Ever "Bear Fruit" in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video:

I was talking to a colleague the other day, they asked me why I keep harping on and on about lockdowns when it is really not the thrust of this channel. My response is because I have been watching not only friends but clients that have been significantly, negatively impacted as a result of these ongoing lockdowns. That is my personal reason. On sort of a more, I hesitate to say professional level although there is an aspect of that, more of an almost academic level is because again I just don't understand why there is not more of a cost benefit analysis being done with respect to this where just prolonged extensions of this lockdown just going on and on with seemingly not a lot of ending site and it is just having such a negative impact on the economy. The reverberations of this could be long, long term and that is good for no one. That is the only reason I keep bringing this up. I am not saying I have the answers and unlike a lot of folks unfortunately on YouTube, I am not saying this isn't real. It is a real concern. I am not saying I have the solutions I am simply saying I just hope that there continues to be this cost benefit analysis. 

A recent article from the Bangkok post,, the article is titled: Crisis of Faith is Reaching a Crescendo. There is a lot going on in that article and frankly that doesn't necessarily have to do with this specific point but this one sentence I pulled out because I thought it was interesting. Quoting directly: "There are concerns that figure may soar to 30,000 a day before the containment measures have time to bear fruit in the next month or two." I found that to be an interesting statement insofar as we have been undertaking these containment measures since March of 2020. Specifically we went into full lockdown if I recall correctly in April, all through May started to reopen in June got back to it in July of 2020 and then locked back down into December went through January most of February depending on where you were, and then okay March was pretty well re-opened and then back down under lockdown in April. We have been pretty much under one degree of lockdown or another at least here in Bangkok, since mid-April onward. So the point being how much longer, "a couple more months to bear fruit!" Well if this tree ain't going to bear fruit now after 18 months of being in the ground, I have got to wonder if it is ever going to bear fruit. I don't mean to be sarcastic, that is not my point but this notion of containment and we have discussed this at length in other videos on this channel, again the paradigm that perhaps this may be endemic rather than being treated as pandemic might be a good paradigm shift. We have discussed that the Health Ministry for example down in Singapore has started saying "look we are going to have to just start looking at living with this, not trying to just eradicate it or contain it" and frankly I think we are all going to have to get to that point if we are ever going to get back to work because the notion that we can just stay closed forever and this will just magically disappear, I don't think that the evidence is bearing that out at this point. 

Now again, things may change. I don't know everything. I am definitely not the “end all be all” but just my observations tell me that if this keeps going we are definitely going to have serious economic problems but the notion that containment will occur, I mean we have done this three times at this point and it has just been ongoing on this third time. At what point do we think this is going to be contained?