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Common Area Fee Issues in Thai Condominiums

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai condominiums. We are specifically discussing fees associated with common areas. When you purchase a condo in Thailand, it is part of a juristic person; it is part of a complex if you will. There are certain fees associated with maintenance of the common areas in that condo and this can be a real key concern. In fact part of I won't say necessarily the legal due diligence but just one's own due diligence with respect to looking at the place is basically scoping out whether or not there are a number of other tenants there who are presumptively making fee contributions to the common areas because you can end up in a negative feedback loop if there are not a lot of tenants in a given condo complex and basically the place starts to get run down. 

We have seen this in cases where everything on paper looks pretty good and then somebody gets to the place and they start looking around doing their due diligence and it is just like wow the common area here is a real problem. The other thing to ascertain is how much the common area fee costs; if the person selling the condo has their common area fees paid up or if that is going to be an issue. All of these are concerns that I don't think most folks think about when determining whether or not to purchase a Thai Condo. 

Now let me be clear, I am a big fan of Thai condos when they are very good. If it is a good complex that has got a positive feedback loop going, a lot of tenants and everybody is paying in their fees and the upkeep on the overall building is good, it can be great to live in a Thai condo but if some of that is lacking, it can be less than optimal. So again, sort of part of your own personal due diligence would be ascertaining some of these issues associated with Thai condominium fees.