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Comparing Houses Versus Condos in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Houses and Condominiums here in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

I decided to make this video because over the years I have lived in houses, rented; I have lived in condos here and people have asked me just sort off the cuff what I think one way or the other. There are pros and cons and I think a lot of people kind of immediately presume that a house is better than a condo because presumptively you may have the land if you are buying it or it may have a yard or various other benefits and certainly depending on the circumstances it may be better for your situation. People also undervalue; one of the great things about a condo that I really have found over the years that I like versus a house is maintenance matters aren't really your concern so much. Matters pertaining to home security aren’t as pressing a concern with a condo. You just live there, if you own it you have a freehold condo if you are a foreigner here in Thailand which is possible pursuant to the Thai Condominium Act for a foreigner to own their condo outright, yes you have to deal with Common Area Fees and paying and dealing with the jurisdiction person and the costs associated with all of that and possibly security etc. But it is sort of all done for you. In many ways a condo can be better than a house because with a house, I have seen folks that live in Thailand security was a concern. They were burgled at some point. Another issue is maintenance. When you own a house in Thailand you have to deal with your maintenance. If something happens with respect to the plumbing in a condo, oftentimes you can go deal with the juristic person and they will figure it out. 

So there are pros and cons and definitely you know you have to examine this through the lens of what specifically is going to work in your specific circumstances but I can definitely see strong arguments made either way for condos as well as home ownership or renting of a house here in the Kingdom Thailand.