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Foreigners Looking to "Snap Up" Thai Condos?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing foreign ownership of Thai Condos. There appears to be some serious interest from a number of foreign buyers in the Thai Condo Market. 

A recent article from Thai Visa, that is, the article is titled: Thai Media Reports Foreigners Ready to Make Thailand their "Second Home", again; they are reporting this from Thai Rath. Quoting directly: "Thai Rath had a feature that suggested foreigners especially potential Chinese and Russian condo buyers, were desperate to come to Thailand to snap up property. They wanted to make Thailand their "second home", they suggested after a survey was carried out." Yeah, I would definitely think presently there is probably some interest, especially in those two nationality groups, Russian and Chinese, as well as other nationalities. There are a number of bargains in my opinion in the Thai Condo Market presently so I could definitely see a situation especially after Thailand gets more opened up, where we could see a number of foreigners coming into Thailand and looking to "snap up" or purchase a Thai Condo.

For those who are unaware, it is possible to own a Thai Condo in freehold, to actually own an actual deed outright on a condominium in Thailand pursuant to the provisions of the Thai Condominium Act. So yes, it is definitely a possibility to own that type of real estate in Thailand as a foreigner. Those who are doing so, it is probably a good idea to contact a legal professional to gain some insight and guidance as there are a number of formalities that have to be maintained in order to comport with the Thai Condominium Act and thereby gain freehold title over a condominium here in the Kingdom of Thailand.