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How Many Condos Are Available For Sale in Thailand?

Transcript of the above video: 

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing how many condos are actually for sale in Thailand. Now it's difficult to get a completely accurate number of nationwide, how many condos are available but I was recently reading an article in the Bangkok Post,, and I came upon some information that I thought could be useful toward that end, toward determining that number. Quoting directly from recent article, again, Bangkok Post,, the article is titled: PM allays foreign quota fears. "According to a market survey carried out in the first quarter of this year by the Real Estate Information Centre (REIC), there are 213,429 residential properties available across greater Bangkok", so it's Bangkok specific, "of this number, 85,625 were condominium units, worth more than 370.5 billion Baht.”

So okay there are 85,000 or thereabouts units in Bangkok specifically. I don't think it's outside the real possibility or outside the realm of reason if you will, to double that number if you are going nationwide. So if you are looking at sort of other urban areas here in Thailand - Phuket, even Hua Hin, Pattaya, greater Pattaya, metro area - that is an incorporated municipality - and then you have got places like even Korat (Nakorn Ratchasima) as well as places like Chiang Mai, where a number of foreigners also buy condos as well not to mention other smaller beach resorts and what have you got? You have got, I would say you can probably double that number if you take it nationwide. Okay, maybe that's too high, cut it in half then and you are looking at about 150,000 condo units currently available, if I read that correctly, yeah, again 85 in the metro area here in Bangkok and then let's cut it in half and call it 150 total throughout the nation. I still think it's higher; I think doubling probably better but yeah that's pretty much a good representation of how many condos are available out there. 

Now remember most folks buying condos do tend to buy them here in the city. That said, there are condos available in other places and folks like to buy them there too. For those who are unaware, it is possible for a foreign national to own a condo in Thailand with what we would call Fee Simple Absolute title or Freehold title, what is referred to under Thai Law as Chanote title, meaning you can actually own it notwithstanding the restrictions on foreigners pursuant to the Thai Condominium Act promulgated in 1991. So the thing to take from this video is one, foreigners are allowed to own their own condo here in Thailand and two, there is a large supply presently available.