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How a Thai Condo Could Get You a Work Permit in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing condominiums in Thailand.  We are specifically discussing them in the context of a Thai Work Permit. It appears that although these are really seemingly disassociated or disparate topics or I should say mutually exclusive topics under most circumstances, it appears they do have a connection based on a recent announcement from TAT, Tourism Authority in Thailand officials.

In a recent article from Thai Visa that's and this article is citing Thai Rath, that is The article is titled TAT Latest: Elite Card Holders Who Buy a Condo can stay “Long Term” and get a Work Permit but There is a Catch. Quoting directly: "Now foreigners who invest in the real estate market can get to stay and even get a Work Permit but there is a financial catch. Yutthasak Suphasorn said that his plan is to change the arrangements for those that apply for an Elite Card at a cost of between 1 and 2 million baht. If the card holder subsequently invests 1 million dollars,  to be clear on that, 31 million Baht, in Thailand in the following year they will be eligible for a long-term stay and a Work Permit”

So let's be clear on some things. This is the Tourism Authority of Thailand. They are not Thai Immigration so this is probably something that is going to be proposed at the policy level and then decided sometime in the future. So this is not a foregone conclusion; this is not set to be policy but it is being discussed by those who can have a serious impact on policy so we are noting it in this video. But it does appear that it is possible that the purchase of a condo, now we are talking about a million dollar condo here presumably, so not an insignificant amount of money, could lead an Elite Visa holder who are generally speaking under normal circumstances not allowed work authorization, it could see those folks being granted work authorization under that narrow and specific set of circumstances. 

So that is a benefit albeit probably one that is not going to be enjoyed by the vast majority of folks. Again maybe things will change at a policy level and they may see some ideas that may be more broadly sort of applied. That remains to be seen and we will update you on this channel as the situation progresses.