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Maintenance Fees for Condos in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing maintenance fees for condominiums here in the Kingdom of Thailand.

A recent comment came to my attention on our channel. It was on a prior video we made regarding Condos. I am going to go ahead and quote it. Quoting directly: "I have heard there are no government regulations for condos. This could make it risky!!!!!!! Plus there is a maintenance fee." Well first of all, we made another video contemporaneously with this one where we discuss regulations. Long story short, there are a number of regulations in Thailand associated with Thai condos.

Next, "plus there is a maintenance fee." Yes there is a maintenance fee in Thailand. Generally speaking, most Thai condominium complexes have something often called a Common Area Fee or a Maintenance Fee. So a foreigner can own and we have gone into a lot of detail on this another videos, a foreign national can have freehold title to a Thai Condo. They can own their condo outright but there are often times ongoing common area fees associated with a condominium complex. It goes to pay for a number of different things oftentimes; maintenance of utilities coming into the condo, not to say utility bills, but just maintenance of the piping bringing in the water to a condo unit, the electricity facilities coming in. It also maintains and cleans the common areas within that particular Juristic Person. It generally also pays for security personnel associated with the condominium complex. There are a lot of things that go into the maintenance fees associated with Thai Condos. Parking often times can be associated with maintenance fees. So there are a number of things associated with maintenance fees here in Thailand and I think that in this comment, the notion of a maintenance fee was sort of brought up as a negative, and yeah it is definitely a cost to be aware of but generally speaking, maintenance fees especially associated with a single unit, are rather nominal. I mean I often times think of it as akin to a utility bill. It is just a bill that we pay. We pay electricity, we pay water, you have to pay your condo maintenance fee. It is just something that you have to do. Again if you fail to pay your maintenance fees you can end up with some real problems down the line. 

Long story short, yes it is an ongoing cost. Is it something that is sort of a deal breaker to own a condo? My opinion, I really don't think so.