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Update on Thai Visas for Owners of Thai Condos

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing the possibility of getting a Thai Visa for the owner of a Thai condominium.

I am finding this from the Royal Thai Embassy website in Washington DC, that is, and the heading on this page is Visa and Certificate of Entry procedures for non-Thai Nationals wishing to enter Thailand for conducting business, meeting or investing, savings in Thailand with no less than $100,000 or 3 million Baht. I am going to quote to the pertinent relevant points regarding condominiums. "Non-Thai nationals who have owned condominium (and I think they mean own) condominium / apartment value $100,000 or 3 million Baht or more," so that is fairly straightforward but here is sort of the rub so to speak. Quoting further from 2.10 subsection 2: “Additional Required Documents: Proof of an ownership or proof of transaction for an apartment or condominium with value of at least $100,000 or 3 million Baht AND, they and they actually emphasize "and" here, "proof of a savings account or investing in Government bond with no less than $100,000 or 3 million Baht”.

So for condo owners, at least those coming from the United States as of the time of this video, it looks like not only is the condo ownership pertinent but you also have to show 3 million Baht in a Thai bank account or some kind of banking facility in order to meet the requirement to come to Thailand on a Thai Visa strictly under that exclusive purpose; just strictly based on condo ownership. So it is not just condominium ownership, it is also proof of having 3 million Baht in a Thai bank account.