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50 Year Thai Leases "For Approved Commercial And Industrial Projects"?

Transcript of the above video: 

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about doing some videos that kind of go back over topics we have discussed in the past. 50-year commercial leasing is something we did a video on some time ago. I thought of making this video after reading a recent article from the Bangkok Post,, I'm going to cite a small excerpt from that article, I urge those who are watching this video go check out that article in detail if you feel like you need more insight.

Quoting directly from that article titled: PM allays foreign quota fears. Quote: "Leases of 50 years are available for approved commercial and industrial projects." Yeah as we have discussed in other videos, the Industrial Estate Authority for example may be able to grant concessions pertaining to longer-term leases. Under certain circumstances maybe even the Board of Investment, the BOI can grant such concessions, even ownership, under certain circumstances in an industrial capacity may be a possibility. Again, that is going to be circumstantially dependent. It is usually very rare and pertains to a very narrow subset of folks because Thai rules, Thai Law is very strict on the issue of only Thais being able to own land. That said, a 50-year lease is a substantial lease. 

For those folks who have watched this channel for some time, you'll understand we have previously talked about the fact that generally speaking 30-year leases are the maximum one can get in Thailand but under certain circumstances, as noted in that article, there may be exceptions to that rule especially if it pertains to Industrial Estates. So the thing to take away from this video is if you are looking to come to Thailand to do business and set up a major operation, you may have more options with regard to land usage than appears at first blush.