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Are There Tax Exemptions for Thai Gold?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai gold again.

I have had some response to the first video I made regarding Thai gold. I have had folks tell me "yeah I find some of this stuff interesting. Can you make some more videos just talking generally about Thai gold?"  One thing somebody posed a question to me which was "Are there any tax exemptions associated with Thai gold?" and in point of fact yes there are. 

Most notably, Thai gold is exempt from VAT so the Value Added Tax system that occurs in Thailand, there are certain exemptions. I am not going to get into all the exemptions but for purposes of this video we are going to be dealing with Thai gold and Thai gold is not subject to VAT in the same way that other types of products might be subject to Value Added Tax here in the Kingdom of Thailand. VAT does not apply to Thai gold. This can be very advantageous for folks who are interested in purchasing Thai gold because you don't have to deal with this 7% VAT; that may even go up as time goes on.

So understand first of all, we made another video on this channel, Thai gold is measured in Baht weight and measure which is very different than standard weight and measure of 1 oz. or 1 troy ounce, 99.9 fine gold which is usually what you see in an international context, Thai gold is 96.5% pure and it has a different weight and measure most notably the Baht weight. We made another video on this channel, I urge those who are interested in this topic to go to our channel and check out the Thai gold playlist or check out our search function and just search for Thai gold, you will see the video we made on Baht weight. 

The reason for this video is "yes there are tax exemptions in Thailand associated with Thai gold, 96.5% gold, and most notable among those exemptions are the lack of VAT applicability to the purchase of Thai gold”.