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Financial Institutions Encourage Investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor

Transcript of the above video:

As the title to this video suggests, we are discussing certain developments which would seem to suggest that various financial institutions are taking measures to, I guess for lack of a better word, to encourage investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor.

As discussed in other videos on this channel, Thai Authorities have, through things like the Thailand 4.0 initiative and this Eastern Economic Corridor, been trying to encourage foreign investment, encourage technical investment, encourage just sort of drumming up general trade initiatives and investment initiatives, manufacturing initiatives, etc. throughout the Kingdom and one of these measures is the so-called Eastern Economic Corridor.

Quoting directly from the Nation, and that is, quoting directly from the Nation, the title of the article is "EXIM Thailand Special Credit Line for EEC Investors". Quoting directly "Export-Import Bank of Thailand, EXIM Thailand, President, Mr. Pisit Serewiwattana has introduced EXIM Special Zone Credit to promote investment in infrastructure projects, and the development of advanced production technology. The aim is to upgrade Thai goods and enhance Thai brands in overseas markets. Target customers are entrepreneurs seeking to invest in the Eastern Economic Corridor covering Chachoengsao, Cholburi and Rayong and those planning startups, business expansions or business transformations in the special economic zones, border provinces, industrial estates, industrial parks and industrial zones. There is quite a bit more to this article, in fact a few pages more to this article. I am not going to read any further.  I strongly urge the viewers of this channel to check out that article directly and to read it in its entirety. My commentary on this is as follows: I find this really, really interesting because as I have stated, the Authorities here in Thailand seem very, very keen on encouraging investment, encouraging the buildup of more technologically advanced manufacturing, more technologically advanced services, more technologically just advanced industries in general here in the Kingdom and part of that is this encouragement of this Eastern Economic Corridor. They also have special economic zones throughout the country which are going to provide various and sundry benefits, things like tax breaks, various sorts of streamlined customs processing etc. which in my opinion probably will result in a net benefit overall for the Kingdom. And that being said, for foreign nationals wishing to invest in the country or foreign multinational firms looking to get into Thailand, this might be an opportune time to do it because the regulatory structure is being sort of molded in such a way to encourage certain types of investment, especially tech-heavy types of investment and for that reason, now maybe the time more than ever in certain circumstances, especially with developments such as a Smart Visa which has come out which provides a much more extended visa for those who fall under certain types of categories, as well as BOI promotion which can lead to things like tax holidays etc, now might be the most opportune time that there has been in a long time to invest in the Kingdom of Thailand.