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Integrity Legal Offices Moving in 2020

Transcript of the above video:

We have moved. In 2020 we have gone ahead and moved our offices. We are now located in ITF Tower at the corner of Naratiwas and Silom Road whereas before we were down here on Silom but we have now moved. We are currently in a state of transition so give us a minute. We are still making these videos but I suspect the background is going to be slightly different than what our viewers are used to here shortly. For now we still sort of have somewhat of the same set up but we are in a state of transition so stay tuned. You probably will shortly be seeing more of a different background but for now the office has moved. Again we are in ITF Tower and moving forward we will remain there at least into the foreseeable future so those who are seeking to contact us, we are no longer located at the address we were located before and we are now at ITF tower at the corner of Silom and Naratiwas Road in downtown Bangkok.