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Property Measurements in Thailand: What is a Wa of Land?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing measurements in Thai real estate terms. 

You will often hear the term Wa which is discussed with respect to Thai real estate. You will also hear Rai. We made another video specifically on the topic of Rai but specific to the Wa, the Wa is a unit of length equal to 2 m. or 4 Sok and we are not going to get into a video on Sok. Wa also occurs as a colloquialism for square Wa, a unit of area abbreviated as again square Wa or "Tarang Wa".

The other thing to bear in mind with respect to that, the Rai which is 1,600 square meters or 0.16 hectares or 0.3954 acres, a Rai is defined as 1 square Sen or it can be divided into 4 Ngan or 400 square Wa so 400 square Wa is a Rai. So that is the way to think about the Wa in relationship to the Rai. So a Rai is a little bit bigger, if you are an American, it is a little bit more than a third of an acre and if you cut it up into 400ths, 1/400th of a Rai is a Wa so that is basically how you sort of convert at least from an American standpoint. 

It should be noted that they have a metric relationship. This is accorded in metric functions but it is not overtly recognized by the International Metric System. It is a different twist if you will on the metric system; it is a Thai twist. Again 400 Wa equals one Rai of land in the Kingdom of Thailand.