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Spousal Consent For Property Transactions In Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Spousal consent issues in the context of property conveyancing in the Kingdom of Thailand. 

Now the reason for making this video is I occasionally in this past week I have gotten a couple of inquiries on this for people that just ask "hey, I had to go down to the land office and sign something on land my wife owns." In one case they were subdividing land and in another case transferring it into another family member's name. This person said "I am married to her, why am I doing anything? I am a foreigner. I can't own property. What has this got to do with me?"

First of all let me preface this by saying I am not a Thai Attorney, I am an American Attorney. I am a naturalized Thai citizen. We have Thai attorneys here on staff. They have vetted the content of this video. This video is for informational purposes only I am just simply trying to provide some broad strokes. 

As the Thai staff told that person, and I was involved in that conversation, specifically a section that came up was section 1479 of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code and quoting directly from section 1479; you can find this on our website:, just go to the resources section, you can find the Thai Civil and Commercial Code in English in there as well as Chinese and a couple of other languages. "An act which is made by the husband or wife is to require the consent jointly and if such act is required by the law being done in writing or registered by the competent official the consent is to be given in writing." So long story short, property transactions for a married couple, it may simply require just the acknowledgment of a foreign spouse notwithstanding the fact they may have no property right in the property and may not be able to gain a property right by dint of the fact they are a foreign national and therefore cannot own land in Thailand. I have done a lot of videos on that topic and I urge you to go to our search function in our channel to search Real Estate Property. You will find information about foreigners owning real property and the restrictions thereof. 

Long story short, it is basically an acknowledgment and it is required under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand.