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Thai Title Deeds: What Is a "Red Chanote"?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests we are discussing Chanote Title or Title Deeds often called a Chanote in Thai.

We are discussing colours. There is a colour scheme associated with the Chanote. We will go ahead and put this up on the screen here. The reason for this video is what we would call a red Chanote and by Red we mean the colour of the Garuda emblem at the top of the Chanote itself. What does that denote? Well that denotes a full Chanote. That denotes freehold title. So, if you see a red Garuda at the top of a title deed, that is what that means. That red Garuda emblem means that this is a Chanote title. It is set forth in the terms of the document itself but the red Chanote is just sort of an affectation if you will, but the red emblem denotes that the actual document itself conveys freehold title to whoever is noted as the owner on that document. 

So if you are being conveyed title and it has a red Garuda symbol on it, that means that you are dealing with a Title Deed that conveys freehold title, that is also oftentimes referred to colloquially as Chanote Title and you are getting freehold title to whatever that is. That may be a Thai condo, it may be land depending on the circumstances. That part I can't really say in this video. This video is simply to provide some insight into what that color red means when you see a Chanote title.