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Thailand Trademark Certificates

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing trademarks. For those who are unaware, trademarks are service marks as well are an aspect of Intellectual Property Right protection generally associated with a good or service; Coca-Cola for example is a really good example of a trademark.

But Thailand has its own Department of Intellectual Property, DIP, that assists in adjudicating applications for trademarks and issuing trademark certificates. In this video I just wanted to show. This is what a trademark certificate looks like. This is one I did for myself some 10 years ago hence the reason it doesn't look very good; it's got some stains here. I think actually several years back we got some water on this.  But that being said, obviously we can't show clients certificates on here, so this is basically one that I did for myself some years ago. This is what the certificate looks like and as you can see the mark itself is noted here so that those who want to go ahead and receive protection from infringement, they have it notated what the mark looks like etc. There is also terms noted on here, possible disclaimers against wider usage. For example “Xerox” Copiers may be able to trademark the term Xerox and perhaps the actual mark itself, the way it looks etc but "copiers", the word, you are probably not going to get that when you need to go ahead and disclaim that.

Again this isn't an exhaustive video with respect to trademarks and how they work. I just kind of wanted to make a video to go ahead and show what a certificate looks like. They need to be issued. Once issued, the certificates are generally valid for a fixed period of time and they need to be renewed over time, but that being said so long as they remain valid, one's intellectual property protection remains fastened in the certificate itself and one's Trade Mark is going to be maintained and hopefully protected from future infringement. In the event of infringement, it may be necessary to go ahead and engage in litigation to go ahead and either have that infringement stopped, sort of enjoin someone for continuing it or gain possibly damages arising from the infringement.