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ResourcesThailand Real Estate & Property LawTitleThe Whole Package: The Thai Shophouse Model

The Whole Package: The Thai Shophouse Model

Transcript of the above video: 

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the shophouse model in Thailand.

For those who are unaware, this is a model, it is sort of a business model if you will, it is even sort of a lifestyle choice wherein one basically rents or owns a shophouse here in Thailand. A shophouse, they are like a townhouse; they are vertical and there is a shop, a store front on the street level floor, and oftentimes we will see folks live in them on either the second, third, fourth wherever, on one of the above floors. 

I make these videos from time to time when I think of it, this sort of more holistic approach to doing business, living and working in Thailand and the shophouse model, one could have a company domiciled on a shophouse and in many ways save themselves a number of ongoing expenses or maybe it is better put, consolidate a number of living and business expenses associated with doing business in Thailand. Most notably one could consolidate property rental with one's home rental. They can also deal with things associated with corporate domicile all on one location. At the same time, one can run a much more efficient overall business especially in this POST-COVID response era where it is almost better to be atomized and able to deal with one's business singularly where one doesn't have to commute or go to a specific office. One can just basically walk down a flight of stairs and continue doing business. 

For a number of different reasons, I think the Thai shophouse model is something for folks to look at, even westerners. In fact, I would argue it might be something to look at in a more broad context worldwide because it is a model that would fit with the way things are probably going to be done moving forward especially in a commercial real estate context because people especially with the internet, they don't really need to be as connected as they once were. At the same time, there are benefits to having business frontage if you will, to having business space where one can meet people albeit perhaps in a less frequent basis than maybe a year ago and before. But this shophouse model I think in a really broad sense can have a lot of benefits not only for people doing business in Thailand but doing business around the world.