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Wills and Estates for Foreign Retirees in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing retirees in Thailand in the context of Wills and Estates. 

This is a subject that comes up rather frequently. Unfortunately I do see folks that pass away here in Thailand or I should say I see their estate after they have gone and we have to deal with probate matters associated with those circumstances. 

In those circumstances, it is an unfortunate situation if those individuals did not make prior arrangements prior to their passing to deal with their estate after they are gone. It can really lead to some complexity and some problems especially for relatives who they have left behind overseas. So if they have left their home country, they have retired in Thailand and they have property and they have no other heirs, their heirs in the United States may have really significant issues in executing probate, what we in the west would call probate, but basically dealing with the estate under the Thai legal system here and going ahead and getting a hold of that property and moving on with their own lives. 

So the reason I am making this video is, I think it is a good idea for those who are retired in Thailand who are concerned about their estate, it is a good idea to deal with it early and often. It is really nothing anybody wants to talk about. It is not something folks really want to deal with but getting a will done it is just something in my opinion you just get it done and forget about it and move on and especially if you have close relatives that you want taken care of it is a good idea to go ahead and get a will drafted especially if you have property here in Thailand, it is a good idea to have a Thai will drafted to deal with that and get that situation sort of locked up if you will so that in the event you pass you don't leave behind folks who are in a sense, for lack of a better term, left out in the cold.