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Cambodian Immigration Now Requiring 14 Day Mandatory Quarantine

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Cambodian Immigration. 

We don't really discuss Cambodian Immigration a lot. I don't like to delve too deeply into it because it is not really in the wheelhouse over here. We deal with a lot of Thai and US but we do deal with Laos Immigration, Khmer Immigration, Myanmar, Malaysia, even sometimes a little bit Vietnam because it touches upon what we do here in our office.  More than pretty much any other country, it seems our clients seem to dip into the Cambodian side of things more than any other country specifically.

A recent article from, and that article is titled: Cambodia Updates Entry Requirements with Mandatory 14-day Quarantine for Arriving Foreigners and Cambodians. Quoting directly: "Cambodia updates entry requirements with mandatory 14-day quarantine for arriving foreigners and Cambodians," sorry for the redundancy there. Quoting directly: "The Ministry of Health has issued new regulations starting from November 18th, 2020". I am presuming 2020, that is not a quote that is me stating that.  "November 18th, both Foreign and Cambodian passengers entering Cambodia must be quarantined for 14 days. Quoting further: "The Ministry of Health issued an update to the entry requirements yesterday. Ordinary foreign passengers must be quarantined in hotels for 14 days after entering Cambodia. The quarantine fee is $60 to $75 per day and during quarantine, passengers must pay for COVID-19 tests, meals and transportation. Additionally, passengers must still produce valid Health Certificates, valid visas obtained from Cambodian Embassies and $2,000 deposits." I will get into that in just a second. "The Ministry of Health will return the remaining part of the $2000 deposit 3 days after mandatory quarantine ends." They haven't had this quarantine in the same way that Thailand has had, and by "they", I mean Cambodia has not, but they have had this bond. That is the $2,000 they are talking about. They have required this bond of foreigners coming into Cambodia. I do not believe that is required of Cambodian nationals, I believe that is only required of foreigners going into Cambodia.

Long story short, into the future it looks like at least for a while yet we are going to be seeing folks that are going into Cambodia now required to do a 14-day quarantine which brings to mind the question, "What about Border Runs?" Well if you are trying to do a Border Run, leaving Thailand going to Cambodian and coming back, you are basically looking at an entire month in quarantine. So if you go over to Cambodia that is two weeks there; then let's say you have got to get a Visa, a so-called Visa Run, I kind of differentiate the two. You have got to go to an Embassy, get your visa and come back in. Well going to the Embassy is going to take a few days. Then you come back to Thailand, you have got to do 14 days here in Thailand in quarantine presumably or hopefully 10 as they are trying to go ahead and reduce that number. 

Long story short, it is going to be a pretty prolonged amount of quarantine in a Border Run kind of scenario but I wanted to provide this information to folks who may be looking at trying to get into Cambodia in the relatively near future.