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Cambodian Immigration Update

Transcript of the above video:

Every now and again we provide an update regarding certain aspects of Cambodian Immigration. 

It has generally been our experience that a number of our clients, as well as folks that are interested in the topics we cover on this channel, often find themselves in the past making so-called "Visa Runs, over to Cambodia or found themselves doing business in Cambodia or just generally kind of hopped back and forth between Thailand and Cambodia. 

It now appears and this is just general information regarding sort of the broad strokes of Cambodian Immigration, it looks like there are going to be some changes over there. Most notably they need to see, for Business Visas presumably issued abroad or extensions of stay for business purposes over in Cambodia, it now looks like printouts of tenant's details from the registered Property Owners; FPCS app account need to be provided; there needs to be official letters of employment from employers with official company stamps; copies of companies' tax patents and official company stamps; copies of business licenses with official company stamps. So this again all pertains to Business Visas issued for Cambodia. 

Apparently this is something of a change from times past. Not all this documentation or presumably none of this documentation was necessarily required when applying for a Business Visa from outside of Cambodia or when applying for an extension based on business purposes inside of Cambodia. 

Long story short and I just wanted to make this video again to provide some insight. We are definitely not an expert on Cambodian Immigration. We do have legal contacts over there we can refer folks to if you want to contact us. That being said, the reason for this video is to provide some insight into just the overall paradigm shift in terms of more stringent rules regarding visas and Visa issuance for many countries here in Southeast Asia.