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Information Regarding Cancellation of a US Passport

Transcript of the above video:

This video is going to briefly discuss passport revocation with respect to it cooked it we're going to do this from an expat sort of perspective those are traveled abroad. It should be noted that the Department of State can and often will stable to issue passports under certain circumstances and also fail to renew them now when do so takes it upon itself to not renew a passport for certain statutorily defined reason the Department of State if you're overseas when this is happening.

So say, you're living here in Thailand and the US embassies refuses to re-issue, renew a passport this can put an individual in quite the quadrant because that individual is abroad and they are on a, you know, presumably on some form of visas and cheering I'll and an inability to get a passport renewed and create a great many problems. To be clear, we're not talking about one can't travel. We're talking about the notion that one passport will not be reduced and the U.S. Embassy is only willing to issue what's called a travel letter where that individual will be allowed to return to the United States in order to deal with various matters that pertain to passport revocation.

Well what are the reasons for passport revocation? Well most notably, if an individual has a criminal record or actions a criminal record but a criminal warrant pending in the United States, a fugitive warrant pending in the United States as possible and Interpol red notice could maybe trigger something of this nature. What we're talking about those generally is basically criminalized writing in the United States or conceivably they could be criminal matters arising in another jurisdiction that the United States authorities have been notified us. But basically, we're going to leave it with criminal matters and for matters pertaining criminal law, please check out some of our other videos on this channel discussed that more directly.

Moving on, what are the other reasons for passport revocation? Well most notably, the next one is taxes. On January 10th 2016, it is not possible for the Department of State to refuse to renew a passport based on certain types of tax delinquency with the IRS internal revenue service. That is discussed on another video specifically on this channel and the tax issues pertaining that are discussed at length in that video.

And then finally, another one which is often sort of overlooked or not thought of like both abroad is there you take child support. One of the things that can cause the passport to fail to be result is if an individual is abroad or in the United States and definitely issued in that case an individual is abroad and basically owes more than I the last time. I checked it was $5,000 in unpaid child support and if that is the case, it is the possibility to the US passport can be revoked in the instances where I've seen that occur generally if the delinquent child support is remedies basically pace then the issue is essentially quacks and eventually the individual in question is going to go ahead and other passport reduce. This is going to depend case by case it's very very difficult to say in any given case exactly how it refusal to renew is going to play out especially in criminal context this is even true in the child support context as each of the 50 U.S. jurisdictions as well as the Federal Territory are going to have very different ways in which they deal with matters pertaining to child support a family law.

So my best advice for those anyone watching this video who have their passport revoked from matters pertaining to say child support, criminal or tax matters is to contact a legal professional who can assist with that and deal with the U.S. Embassy and possibly deal with the home country during our home state jurisdiction in order to get the matter result or you would deal with the tax authority to give it if it pertaining to that. But basically, if it's essentially going to be a situation we're going to be looking at not being able to get your passport renewed and to be clear this does not mean you cannot get home to the United States. It does not mean you can't travel. It simply means one child is rather restricted because the only thing that the embassy presumably in cases like that are going to be willing to issue is what's called a “travel web” which essentially direct Airlines to the fact that this person as a person question is equal in citizen is a lot of return to the United States with that but that citizen is not allowed to have a passport renewed which would presumably allow them to travel to other countries.

Again is can put someone in a tremendously difficult circumstances and for this reason it is strongly recommended that under such circumstances legal counsel we saw it rather quickly in order to mitigate any possible future issues as well as remedy the underlying reasons for the passport web pages.