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Repatriation Flights Noted by the Thai Embassy in the USA

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing repatriation flights. 

Now for those who are unaware, repatriation flights generally speaking or in the strict sense of the term I should say, is a flight that is designed for the nationals of the country who the flight pertains to coming back to their home country. In this case a repatriation flight would be for Thai nationals, in this case in the United States, coming back to Thailand. That is important in and of itself because Thai nationals have been stranded abroad just like foreign nationals who may have visas for Thailand have been stranded abroad; some folks stranded abroad are of Thai nationality. This can have tremendous implications on Thai nationals as well and it is good to see that repatriation flights are being organized for Thai nationals to come to Thailand. 

In a recent article from the Bangkok Post these specific flights were noted and it is notable even for foreign nationals, Non Thai nationals, because these flights are going to be the flights that you are needing to go ahead and catch a ride on if you will in order to get back into Thailand.

In a recent article for the Bangkok Post print edition, the article is titled:  CCSA Names Groups That can Return. There is a lot in here and I urge those who are watching this video to read that article in detail. I am going to quote this one brief portion. Quoting directly: "According to the Facebook account of the Thai Embassy in Washington, the Embassy and three Consulates in the US have been given the green light by the Government to send another 2,150 Thais stranded in the US in 17 separate flights back to Thailand next month". That article came out in the print edition on August 28th, 2020. They are talking about September 2020 and they are saying there are 17 separate repatriation flights. Now some of these flights may be fully booked but there may be slots, berths if you will, seats on these flights which may be available for presumably Americans but folks of other nationalities who may be able to connect through America to go ahead and get on a flight to get them back into Thailand.

As we have noted on this channel, repatriation flights are important because logistically, one not only has to get all the documentation in order but they have also got to get a flight back to Thailand. These flights are rather they are not the most numerous things. It is not like travel in standard times; these flights are kind of few and far between so I think it is good news to see that there are a number of these repatriation flight as it could mean there are spaces available for foreign nationals looking to return to Thailand and take up their visa status and remain here long-term.